Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Novalis (116-87 BDS)


Novalis is part and parcel of a tendency of mine as a yet-to-mature thinker to take a sentence by an author I respected at face value and interpret it. 


From Twilight of the Idols, aphorism 4
'All truth is simple.' - Isn't that a double lie? -
Interpretation: it is a lie because truth is not simple. It is a double lie because all truth is not complicated. Truth is that which makes meaning possible [although see more recent All Truth is Simple Aphorism]. That that is so rich that all thinkers think the same, holding on to that that. Thinkers are a community of like minds. Hence Novalis' statement:
"Flight from the common spirit is death."
That is, flight from the that which makes us think, the that which makes meaning possible, will be the end of us thinkers, creators, poets. This is what distinguishes thinkers from the mass of people, whereby the many-too-many as Nietzsche called them are atomised and need to cling on to superficial 'blinking' in order to fit in whereas thinkers hold on to their historical community as though to an umbilical cord.

See, in that regard, Heraclitus in The Art and Thought of Heraclitus (trans: Kahn)
"Although the account is shared, most men live as though their thinking were a private possession." 
The account of thinkers is a shared one. Because thinkers are the thinkers, i.e. people's thinking is determined by what has come to the word, been pondered over and decided in the labours of the great thinkers, "the account is shared" despite appearances to the contrary.

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