Thursday, 31 July 2014



A blog contribution that showcases my mental anguish and anger at the world at the time...


The fact that 'homeless' now means not having a technological place to live points to the uprooted and degenerate character of modern thinking and the devastation it creates. The earth itself is a home. Ideals of development and construction by definition create homelessness. Modern technological civilisation uproots human beings, reduces them to a mass, destroys all that is world spiritual, all rank, portrays these as a lie, and prevents the resurgence of traditions of genuine homecoming, νόστος by and through which human beings can dwell in what is essential and most ancient.

The return to the Greeks as the highest form of humanity ever attained, in both Nietzsche and Heidegger as well as Arendt, is not some capricious aesthetic fancy but part of a deliberate attempt to salvage the authentic tradition of the West so that human beings may feel at home everywhere - which is the real task of philosophy according to German poet Novalis - enabling them to feel rooted in the earth, whether it be in an over-developed city, in a town or in the countryside. 

In fact human beings who are not thoughtful and still operate among conventional, that is, technological, that is thoughtless, lines of petty calculation are homeless by definition and are liable to and in fact do live their whole lives never encountering themselves in their essence, that is, in what is most ancient and thought-provoking. Instead, they are constantly distracted by the degenerate production of techno-social-totalitarian self-representation which French author Guy Debord conceptualised as 'spectacle'.

In this respect, somebody living in a country mansion can be just as homeless in the authentic sense as a beggar on a street of Birmingham. The whole pecuniary divide between rich and poor is a false one. A genuinely rich person is someone who has a rich heart, a rich spirit. I understand the Modern World as the result of the absolutely bankrupt and mendacious Christian Weltanshaung and it is not hard to see that Disneyland, Harry Potter land, Bowling Alleys, fancy restaurants, giant shopping centres, cinemas, entertainment parks, fast foods, Business, celebrity culture, football and sports stadiums, gyms, Hollywood are all intrinsically part of the dystopian Kingdom of Heaven of the poor-in-spirit.

People maliciously and resentfully labelled as 'intellectuals' and 'anti-social' - in truth, thoughtful, serious, self-respecting, decent, noble people - are rich-in-spirit and masters of the world (see post How to Become Master of the World) in the genuine sense, i.e. they are freemen and free-women, who do not let themselves be calculated by the constant manipulations of developed capital and technological forms of control, who refuse to capitulate to the degeneration and uprootedness intrinsic to this 'Kingdom of Heaven' and its dystopian agenda, who remain true to the earth. 

I consider all attempts to flee the earth and populate other planets - including the whole programme of space conquest - as utterly degenerate since human beings are earth creatures by nature, as the Latin humus (earth) which is a cognate of homo (man) indicates.

As Hölderlin noted, only time will lead human beings, that is, authentic human beings, human beings who are thoughtful, as opposed to the sub-apes who constitute the technocratic elite of the social engineers - who, in any event, have time against them - to more primal ways of seeing the world and the earth.

In addition, as the excellent historian of science Alexandre Koyré concluded, the triumphs (which are just as equally ecological and human disasters) of modern science are not hardly as great as all that. Modern skyscrapers or bridges devoted to the false idols of money and progress do not compare favourably with the Romanesque churches devoted to the Christian God, nor to Greek temples devoted to the gods which were built without the methods of modern mathematical science and engineering, than you very much.

This is part of the incredible decline the West has undergone in the past 3000 years; how from devotions (i.e. votive offerings) to the gods, and then to a single God, we are constructing monstrosities devoted to the false deity of money - the obsession with money itself being a function of modern man's calculating way of seeing the world which is also a consequence of the belief in the Christian God (it has been reported that corrupt, i.e. denatured, bankers behind the 2008 crash believed they were doing 'God's work'), that is, pure uprooted number, which has no earthly meaning as such.

As long as modern man thinks in money, that is, calculates, that is, flees from earthly reality, that is, has lost all his instincts, he will grow smaller and smaller in stature and, as Hölderlin pointed out in his Prayer for the Incurable, will be forced to endure the stench of putrefied decay inherent in the catastrophic consequences of calculating, controlling, totalitarian, technological ways of representation.

Note. A more originary understanding of the word 'homeless' can be found, inter alia, in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, where that prophet utters the following to his animals

"When will I have a home again, when will I not have to bow before the small men?"
A similar understanding of the word home (die Heimat in German) is on display too in Hölderlin's oeuvre  who penned a poem called Homecoming as well as in Heidegger's Spiegel magazine interview (as opposed to Spiegel magazine's Heidegger interview since Heidegger had control not only of the interview dialectic itself but also of the interview's posthumous time of publication) where he asserted that for anything great (i.e. of long duration) to arise a people needs both a tradition (i.e. a culture of cross-generational transmission from the Latin tradido, to transmit, to hand down) and a home - understood in the wide sense of the spiritual belonging to a historical people, i.e. a people rooted in time who conceives itself as living once from birth until death.