Sunday, 13 December 2015

Father Christmas as Conspiracy Theory

I remember as a child breaking the news to other children that father christmas was really the parents. They refused adamantly to believe me, calling me names and stating that he did exist. 

Breaking the news of the conspiracy of father christmas on others must be one of the earliest exercises in truth-telling, meeting predictably with the cognitive dissonance of those who have been deceived, manipulated and blind folded by their very own parents. 

Father christmas as one's parents is a conspiracy theory that all grow to accept as the years pass. That the official 9/11 narrative still maintains its hold on many people shows that conspiracy theories take time to be perceived as truth. Once this happens the original deception is finally perceived to be a complete unbelievable hoax, but only in retrospect, after one has seen the truth. 

And so it is with Father Christmas. It is only after realising the truth that the original belief appears in all its blatant absurdity.