Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Satanic Insert in The Beatles' I Feel Fine Music Video

I enjoy The Beatles and purchased their latest video release, 1+ which includes the music videos to almost all of the band's singles.

One video struck me, all the more so that I had learned a bit about occult and satanic symbology during my forays on the world wide web, including as they pertain to popular music videos and popular culture generally. There is loads of this information on YouTube and elsewhere. The video in question was the one made for the single I Feel Fine

In the video, rather than playing drums, Ringo Starr is working a static bicycle. For whole seconds in the video, the camera focuses on Ringo Starr's peddling but at a specific moment he stops and all that is revealed is the now motionless chainring bolts forming an inverted pentagram, a common and ubiquitous symbol of satanism. This has to be deliberate, the video is unambiguously clear as to the focus on the pentagram.

The camera even zooms in on the hidden pentagram for a few seconds, oblivious to the rest of the band, clearly showing that even back then, satanic symbolism was inserted into seemingly innocent entertainment. 

Though not from the video, the picture above from google images illustrates the inverted pentagram hidden, as it were, within a bicycle chainring that is not in motion. 

As it happens there is plenty of occult symbolism in The Beatles iconography, not least this disturbing (some might say disgusting) picture from their Yesterday and Today single, showing the band surrounded by mutilated baby dolls with fake blood. 

There is more to be gleaned from this. Just google The Beatles + occult. 

Addendum - Aside from the Paul is Dead conspiracy, the infamous Revolution no.9 song may itself be inspired by the dark occult, as the number 9 is a favourite number of Satanists and Dark Occultists. See my post The Occult Significance of 9