Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Dark Truth

Darkness is ever
To finite awareness

That sees not light
Where shadow is cast

Turning away 
- Blind -

From that which is:
The liberating claim. 

Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones is a US secret society which is a breeding ground for the elite, particularly the CIA. The Bushes were members as was John Kerry. What is relevant about the skull and bones metaphor is that the skull is present - thought - the bones are present - action - but the heart is not present - care. That is, the aim of this secret society - like so many others - is enforced psychopathy. 

We live overwhelmingly in a head based society cut off from the heart chakra which reflects I think in the true dissonance and lack of harmony of much of the modern world - in its culture, art, entertainment, architecture, language and so forth. The machine-like reality of the modern world and of the modern workplace also pinpoints why psychopaths - the successful ones that is - reach such high positions in the various areas of culture or, should I say, control. 

This is brought into even sharper relief when we consider the trans-human agenda where humans will be part organic, part machine drones that are slaves to the system. The word robot itself comes from the Tcheque word robota meaning slave worker or drone. And it is scary how far we have come to this reality in our head based, emotionless and machine like society where drudgery and exploitation are the norm. 

Unless true human transformation happens we are headed for the world of the Hunger Games where the many will be hoarded in human settlements, microchipped and slaves whereas the self-appointed elite will live in their luxurious Capitol cities. Researcher David Icke goes into much detail about this plan for the world, called Agenda 21 - 21 as in the 21st century. 

The human cost of this detachment from the heart centre is too great for words. I would suggest that a great deal of mental illness results from the impersonal, psychopathic and inhuman exploitation of 'human resources' who are used up for whatever ends they are forced to by the mind and system manipulators who, unlike the great majority, are not held back by conscience or heart consciousness.

The world is crazy and demented because it is run by crazy and demented people and those who free themselves from mind control will often fall victims to the rigged nature of the psychopathic game called civilisation. I myself have only been able to create music, art and thought because I am not economically at the mercy of a job, being on government welfare - although to be sure I am at the complete mercy of the State.

I am writing these thoughts as I am struggling to cope with the drudgery of academia as a mere undergraduate student. University is not about gaining knowledge about the world but about conforming to a set course in order to get a degree (of programming) which shows one's ability to submit to a structured and hierarchy-based system of non knowledge, that is, head based nonsense of pure intellect divorced from creativity or holistic intelligence. 

Academia is a self perpetuating non entity of empty discourse which kills curiosity and open mindedness and hides its ignorance through thinly veiled jargon and rules of research. Hence its association with boredom. To graduate is no sign of intelligence - which is innate - but of the ability to comply with heartless drivel that passes off as knowledge. 

Conforming - as one must to survive - to the system means cutting off your emotional centre and heart chakra to 'get the job done', however harmful and destructive it proves to be. Great and independent creators - like Nicola Tesla and Philip K Dick to take two examples - died penniless as they refused to comply to the machine consciousness of the system in order to create true value for the world. 

If humanity is to evolve at all and free itself from the psychopathic control grid it must engage en masse in non compliance with the inverted reality of culture where education destroys knowledge, food destroys the body, art destroys beauty, medicine destroys health, politics destroys freedom and work destroys human relations.