Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Idler's Confession

Addicted to leisure
- Such is my pleasure -

I flout the norm
As an idler born 

Of legal Society
- The established hierarchy -

Bringing light poetry
In a flight of frivolity 

To a world of deception
- At least in my perception. 

Untied to dire workplace 
'Tis creative fire I chase

Whether it be music's charm
In that there is no harm 

Or Literature's meanderings
Treasure to the soul's wanderings. 

The secret of freedom
The true meaning

Is listen to your heart
- Don't play a part! -

Unlearning the fear
Instilled at early year 

Of those who make the rules
- The purpose of School -

That you may at length laugh
At Authority's life denying path.   

Petty Minds

Petty minds only to power respond
- reason enough from them to abscond -

Ever trapped in Society's jar

Like the wretched slaves that they are

Enemies of all that is fair
- especially that which is rare.