Sunday, 17 January 2016

Julius Caesar

Ye all powerful Gaius J. Caesar
'Twas not as mere elected liar

But rather as victorious general
Friend and beloved of the immortals

That you came to rule your home
The squalid polity of Rome

Under the auspices of Jupiter
God of gods then and after.

Jealousy you caused
As conqueror of Gaul

And once your enemy defeated
Gnaeus Pompey the ill fated

You fancied yourself King
Against Senatorial liking

- For power achieved through merit
Threatens others who wish to wield it. 

Yet be not in death vainly furious
Ye violently slain Julius

For to the conspirators' dismay
Your glory lasted to this day

Unchecked by Time's passing by
And remembered yearly the month of July.