Thursday, 4 February 2016


As independent researcher Mark Passio rightly claims (see his website, money - mon-eye, one eye, meaning third eye vision by proxy (if one takes 'green or 'alchemical' language seriously and the fact that one dollar bills used to have the masonic all seeing eye on the reverse) - is a religion of slavery for slaves. It is the one and only religion in so far as its reach extends light years further than any organised mainstream religion.

As religion, money enslaves for the word religion comes from the Latin religare which means to hold back, to tie back. Money holds people back, forces them to 'make' or 'earn' a 'living' by selling their labour to causes which, by and large, are nefarious, in that often they are human and planet destroying. It is also the leading cause of time poverty.

Money is proxy currency, i.e. a current of energy, which has talismanic qualities in so far as a talisman has properties of magic when worn, carried and passed on. Money regulates the flow and - along with Big Oil - the motion of the Modern World. I say it is a proxy currency because true currency lies in spending time and paying attention which are freely given and do not falsify life on earth to the extent that money does. 

Money is the religion of the New World Order. The end goal for the occult psychopaths who rule the world is to have us 'chipped' from birth so that money is integral to your and my body and if we choose to be a 'fugitive of the system' - to use an expression of said occultists - we will be barred from any interaction with monetary society.

The dollar sign, an 's' with a line in the middle - $ - can be seen as a wave pattern, for matter is wave energy at a quantum level, and wave and flow are the same thing. It can also be seen as whip, a fascist symbol of the master's control over his slave, or even as spelling the world 'is'. 

Let there be money, fiat pecunia - harking back to the fiat lux 'let there be light' of the God of Genesis. It is no accident that our economic system is based on fiat currency, money coming to existence from the say so of the 'gods of money' to use William Engdahl's book title. And 'is' also links to the Egyptian goddess Isis, goddess of human activity, of the waters and flow. Genesis itself contains the words gene and isis

Until as a species we free ourselves from the great enslaver that is money through time banks, even complementary currencies that aren't rigged like fiat money, we are doomed to pitiable existences lived at the mercy of psychopathic controllers and their minions, such as Daily Mail readers

It is worth googling 'living without money' to discover resources on how to live without money and follow the example of exceedingly brave souls - such as Mark Boyle in the UK and Heidmarie Schwermer in Germany - who have ditched the enslaver that is money and felt happier, yes happier, as a result despite the loss of amenity that money typically provides.