Tuesday, 9 February 2016


While not etymology in the conventional sense, i.e. the origin of words, but nonetheless etymology in the Greek sense of the true, the actual - otherwise known in occult thinking as 'green language' - the word universe, far from supporting forays into astronomical physics that are all the rage, supports rather the more modest enterprise of poetry if one understands the verse in uni-verse as being a reference to that specific creative use of language; indeed they say that the universe is spoken into existence for as the Bible states
in the beginning was the word. 
Of course verse can also mean 'side' - as in verse and re-verse - and universe can thus be understood as the one-sided, the mirror for our microcosmic existence, in the sense of as above, so below, otherwise known as the Natural Law principle of correspondence. The body, for example, is a universe unto itself and even our faeces is made of star stuff - at least according to author Carl Sagan. It is this insight that informed the famous injunction of the Delphi oracle in Ancient Greece
know thyself and you will know the universe and the gods.