Friday, 6 May 2016

My Brand of Elitism

I am not a political elitist. I do not think any group of people has the right to dictate the law to others. 

I am not an artistic elitist. While I am discriminating in my taste and I do not set up my own preferences as a model for all to emulate. 

Nor am I a social elitist, equating level of education, social background or monetary comfort with being a better, more enlightened person.

But I am a philosophical elitist. I do think there are higher and lower levels of consciousness, often operating within the same person, and higher and lower levels of being under the influence of mind control, just as there are varying levels of moral enlightenment among the general population. 

In other words I do believe there is a hierarchy in the quality of consciousness levels that befall us at various stages of our lives that determine whether we act morally or unconscionably. 

To be sure consciousness rooted in fear and a desire to prey on others, which shuts down higher thinking, is, for me, of a lower kind than a consciousness rooted in love, which expands the mind and one's self-dominion and care for one's fellow human beings. 

The rest follows.