Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Fear and Mind Control

As I've said before, taking my cue from de-occultist Mark Passio from whatonearthishappening.com, love is the force that expands consciousness and fear is the force that shuts consciousness down. 

Guess which one the system wants you to feel... 

Hint: Fear keeps people under control and the ethos of conformity relies on the natural fear people have of being sidelined by the group and being outcast. Fear keeps people from thinking straight and achieving dominion over themselves, resorting instead to external 'authorities' to sort out problems which those same authorities themselves create. Fear prevents the emergence of independent, sovereign human beings able to create, love and teach truths and natural law principles. Fear begins early at school and increases through to adulthood where many suffer nervous breakdowns and self loathing as a result of the dark, unenlightened influences they have been subjected to since the cradle in their daily life and the damage of which takes hard introspective work to unmake. To look into the sickness of our world and one's fellow human beings is a terrible undertaking but with perseverance one comes out of it very well indeed, much better than at any time before, if my own personal experience is anything to go by. Love, learn and create. That is what authentic life is all about.