Sunday, 12 June 2016

Scarcity and the Politics of Lack

As Mark Passio repeats in his podcast series ( the control of energy is the control of human beings.

It is thus in the interest of the left brain imbalanced control freaks of the world, not to mention psychopaths, to create a paradigm of scarcity, however artificially induced.

Oil and wars over oil is a good example of the commerce of scarcity as scarcity drives prices up and leads to lucrative conflicts for big oil owners. 

In the charade of hate politics, the oft used technique by politicians and their media lapdogs (such as the BBC in the United Kingdom) is to stigmatise entire groups, such as Jews in Nazi Germany, or immigrants in the West, as well as welfare claimants, disabled people and jobseekers, for austerity and right wing policies that deliberately impoverish the masses. 

Indeed, poor people are far easier to control and manipulate than those who are well provided for and the best way to re-direct people's anger away from those immediately responsible (the controllers who have pursued the politics of mass impoverishment) is to blame the deliberately induced scarcity on those who allegedly strain the system, such as those aforementioned groups, through a pathetic puppet media that is complicit with the powers that (should not) be.  

Artificially induced scarcity creates a consciousness of lack which leads to violence among communities, fighting as they have to for what they perceive to be scarce resources, whereas a consciousness of plenty would be of no interest to controllers since people would be contented and sufficiently independent from survival, fight or flight mode, to question the need for controllers and the politics of hate and fear generally.

This is arguably why the agenda for the globalist cabal in charge of world destiny is to decimate and ultimately destroy the usually democratic and liberal-leaning middle class as people of this group still represent a check on unbridled power and control.

Artificial scarcity and blaming scarcity on pariah groups is a technique of mass mind control used by right wing politicians and media presstitutes, such as David Cameron and Daily Mail contributors in the UK, who always seek to capitalise on people's prejudices and ignorance of mind control techniques, incapable as they are of distinguishing truth from falsehood and questioning the power structures in place directly responsible for the problems these same structures claim to be fighting. 

This ensures that the status quo is untouched, as the masses are too busy blaming and attacking perceived strains on resources than confronting those immediately responsible for people's impoverishment and the lack of public funding - the purveyors and justifiers of austerity politics themselves.