Monday, 13 June 2016

Internet as Skynet

Note I owe this insight to the excellent website

It is ironic at best, hypocritical at worst, to state this on a public blog page owned by the Google empire, but from a controller's perspective the internet is a supreme resource and tool to get reconnaissance on the masses, be it their thoughts, emotions or actions.

As Machiavelli knew and stated in his relatively unknown book The Art of War, it is very useful for elites with nefarious agendas to gauge public sentiment for various policies by pretending to introduce a course of action, e.g. by having its implementation 'leaked', and then gathering intelligence on who will oppose it by word or deed, who will ignore it and who will get up in arms against it. 

With this intel, the technocratic, occult elites will thus be able to algorithmically quantify the public's likely behaviour when the implemented policy is no longer a false flag/fake leak, but a genuine course of centralised action. Having quantified this intelligence they will be able, theoretically, to input the information in a supercomputer à la Skynet which will give them an omniscient, god like knowledge of the apparently chaotic and unpredictable terrain of human response.

As an aside, I think that many conspiracy whistleblowers, journalists and researchers fall in this trap, e.g. Alex Jones from, who will buy into any old centrally engineered 'leak' and call others to arms about it, thus revealing to the hidden elites what they're up against should they introduce the policy in point of fact reality. 


Superman, the comic book character, was created by two sons of Jewish immigrants, who clearly had some popular commentary to make about integrating gentile societies as outsiders. 

In the Superman mythology, the so-called man of steel's birth name from Krypton is Kal-El. El in Hebrew means god. Superman is a god. 

This is brought into even sharper relief when researcher Jordan Maxwell among others points to the possibility of alien, non human, intervention in the origins of man. 

Superman is an alien from Krypton. And the origin of the worship of gods may date back to our ancient past as we were fashioned by a non human, non terrestrial species. 

The Old Testament does not in fact refer to a single god as having created man, for the word used in that case would have been El. Rather it uses the plural Elohim, meaning gods, and the argument Maxwell makes is that, far from being monotheistic, the Hebrews were hinotheistic, meaning that they picked one god out of many.