Wednesday, 22 June 2016

What State?

Many years ago I translated a tedious, badly written, pretentious academic paper on public management theory whose only noteworthy observation was that the big State or small State question was outdated, and that the only thing that remained to be decided was what State.

So I put it to you, my readers, what kind of State do you wish to see?

For my part, between Nanny State and Police State I choose Nanny State but ultimately the much preferable solution to the 'what State' question is


Real Eyes - Real Lies

As I've written elsewhere, 
"Green language is the alchemical understanding of words as synchronistic expressions of higher consciousness."
Unlike what school physics teachers would have you believe, the art and science of alchemy is not literally to turn base metal into gold, but to turn basic awareness into higher consciousness. The metal to gold analogy is a metaphore. 

Why call it 'green' language? The colour green is the true colour of love (not red as perceived in popular culture due to Valentine's cards, roses, hearts etc), love properly understood being the force that expands consciousness. Green is also the colour of Mother Nature.

Green is the colour of love as it is at the midway point on the spectrum of visible light, with blues to one side going into ultra violet (which we cannot see) and reds on the other going into infra red (which we also cannot perceive with our bare eyes). 

The green language I wish to share today, courtesy of the research of de-occultist Mark Passio ( is the one pertaining to the word realisation, i.e. real-eyes-ation. 

To realise something is to perceive something with one's real eyes, that is the inner eyes of higher consciousness as well as the third eye/one eye embodied by the pineal gland which is at the midway point between the left and right brain hemispheres and activates when these work in unison. 

Addendum - Of course another, opposing, green language for realise is real lies. According to this interpretation, realising something is really lying to oneself. This is not uninteresting and shows the dual nature of words and phenomena (see in this respect Double Etymology of Religion).