Sunday, 26 June 2016

Anarchism as Elitism

Much as I appreciate the input of anarchists/voluntaryists/conspiracy researchers such as James Corbett  ( and Mark Passio (, their high flown principles and arguments will always be restricted to an elite circle, i.e. those few who are able to think critically and have the time to research and question the world that surrounds them.

The high-flown principles of these independent researchers will always founder and be overshadowed in a system of majority politics by more commonplace memes and easy-to-understand rhetoric which speaks to the many. The irony of course is that, although they tirelessly speak up against the current world elite (although not so much in the case of Mark Passio but most certainly in the case of David Icke), they are themselves dependent on an intellectual elite for their word to propagate. 

An example of this is the Brexit vote by the UK population to leave the European Union. The position of many an intelligent anarchist was to either vote 'Leave' or to abstain from the referendum, which is all very well, but when the Leave vote succeeded, all the alert minds dwelling in the UK knew that this was not the fruit of anarchist, Natural Law concerns but the fruit of fears and resentments, justified or unjustified, stirred up for years by the mainstream press and those resentment managers I call politicians. 

James Corbett and David Icke are, I believe, mistaken in thinking that the vote to Leave was the fruit of an enlightened populace waking up to its enslavement by technocrats and collectivist ideologies rather than a vote by a populace still undergoing the mechanisms of mass mind control, afraid of being supplanted by migrants and foreign workers in a context of artificially induced scarcity. 

Perhaps anarchism, at least in its intellectual content, is an elitist philosophy after all in so far as it is restricted to the few who are intellectually strong enough to think for themselves and question the tapestries of power as well as speak truth to it. Anarchism refuses elite control, which is fine, but itself may contribute to the formation of intellectual elites who have no desire for external control but nonetheless contribute to the social, political landscape in deeds and words. 

Perhaps the instinct of Mark Passio is more honest, all things considered, in pointing the finger, not at the hidden elite that enslaves humanity, but at the sleeping masses whom he claims to be 'the real enemy' (see video) and the true unconscious supporters of the system of slavery now in place.

Corporations as Incorporators

The word corporation has the French word corp in it, meaning body. And indeed corporations in-corporate people, resources, energy, i.e. put them in their body, i.e. embody them, i.e. eat them up.

The Habit of Justification

Any wrong, i.e. any immoral act, can be just-ified (from the Latin jus facere: to make the law) based on any rationale you please, including economic reasons, concerns about the environment, social justice reasons, self-defence reasons (such as Ancient Rome claiming its wars of conquest were to 'defend its borders') etc. 

To justify is to try to make right what is not a right under natural law such as theft, coercion, rape or murder.

Royal Arch

The left-right political divide is like the Royal Arch in architecture where a left pillar leans in against a right pillar and vice-versa creating a greater synergy of force than each pillar taken individually in what remains a mere structure of mind control. 

Left and Right are two wings of the same bird flying into the land of total control.