Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Divided Sickdom

Given the unending rise in hate crime and prejudice, the relentless pursuance of illiberal public policies destructive of civil liberties done in the name of security, the great sways of financial destitution and food poverty across the country, the money-obsessed psychopathic hold on people's energy and working lives, the blatantly impartial and skewed media, the scorn-filled rhetoric of commentators, the low level of education and high level of ignorance of the masses, the systemic and sustained attacks on the vulnerable, the populist vulgarity of mainstream entertainment, the redistribution of monetary wealth to the top, the normalisation of denigrating speech, the shafting of workers on all fronts conceivable, the so-called United Kingdom is a far cry from being the beacon of enlightened civilisation it is erroneously believed to be. 

As the British band The Smiths knew well, Barbarism Begins At Home.