Monday, 4 July 2016


That truth should be absolute upsets the human ego. Thus it is often said that
"Every truth is a half truth."
Of course this can only mean that the statement "every truth is a half truth" is itself a half truth and, arguably, my pointing that out is just as much of half truth as well. 

Talk about a dog chasing its tail!

One thing, though, can be safely extrapolated from that statement and that is the following: only a truth has a claim to being a half truth whereas an error contains no truth at all. Error means the complete absence of truth.

Furthermore, one could argue that if every truth is a half truth, every half truth is a truth! Which also means that every half error, being also by definition a half truth, is a truth. 

So let us embrace half truths and half errors as the closest approximations to truths proper!