Sunday, 10 July 2016

Money and Mon-eye

Money isn't wealth per se. It is a (contestable) claim on collateral in the shape of goods and services, which constitute tangible material wealth. 

Yet even material wealth isn't spiritual wealth: mon-eye, the vision of the mind. 

Food and Consciousness

The food you eat doesn't just affect your body, it affects the quality of your consciousness. 

By poisoning the food (and water) supply, social engineers disrupt the mind body complex which, once unified, alone enables the coming to prominence of spirit, which is the force that animates all beings under creation, nay, creation itself. 

Forbidden Fruit

One reason I have a taste for conspiracy and the occult is that my temperament leans towards the forbidden as opposed to the given, the margins as opposed to the conventional, the banks as opposed to the current, the corners as opposed to the centre. 

It was a Nietzsche who saw a taste for the forbidden as a pre-requisite for truth-seeking. 

Straightening One's Political Thinking

Applying due diligence in order to get to grips with one's political thinking is a bit like doing one's bank accounts. It's unpleasant, drawn out, divisive, you rarely win but is unavoidable to find one's place in the quagmire of varying human perception and rapports de force just as keeping a tab on one's outgoings is unavoidable to stay afloat in the quagmire of monetary society and commercial predation.