Monday, 11 July 2016

Words as Vibrations

Words can be seen as consciousness vibrations, some beneficial, some harmful. 

Symbols, colours and images also work as consciousness vibrations and, of course, sounds.

Be mindful of what you look at and listen to, as well as what you eat and drink. 

The quality of your consciousness and body depend on it. 

Free Education

Free education isn't the slightest bit 'free' when it's coercive, authority-based and centralised, regardless of the money issue. 

In a very early post Truthfulness and Money I pinpointed how the monetary hold on things infects the meaning of words, so that all words revert back to a pecuniary sense.
"What is spoken is never, and in no language, what is said." - Martin Heidegger
When a politician talks about free education we immediately know that he means monetary freedom - at taxpayer's expense of course - rather than true freedom of learning and un-coerced personal flourishing through open minded guidance, semination (seminars contain the French word semer which means to sew) , and creative inspiration. 

Meaning of Community

The words community and communion come from the assembly of two Latin words; the prefix com which, like con, means 'together' and the verb munio, to build, to fortify.

As such community and communion mean to fortify, to build together. 

Contrast with the word network which, in its morphology, means to work within a net, like the inter-net. 

Know Your Enemy

Know your enemy. In other words think hard about whom is more culpable under cosmic law for the mess we're in; the hidden elite that enslaves humanity or the sleeping masses who allow their enslavement to go unabated?