Friday, 11 November 2016

Leaders and Followers

Everyone knows of Buddha but it is much harder to name other Buddhists in history who followed his example. Not that they would mind.

Followers of a cause or original thinker may serve a purpose in disseminating, spreading and giving voice to that cause or thinker but where there are followers there are leaders. 

I have a problem with leaders in the sense of human beings who are shepherds managing their flock - as practiced by many a cult and political party - because everyone should become their own leader and achieve personal dominion rather than seek to dominate others or, as the case may be, follow others. 

I have less of a problem with leaders who, while having followers, use their skill and enlightenment not to exploit these followers for selfish gain but to help and lead them to become their own leaders. 

Such was the desire of both Nietzsche and Heidegger and of contemporary thinkers like Mark Passio, James Corbett, Richard Grove and many others.

Entertainment and Satanic Agendas

The French word for entertainment is divertissement which literally means distraction

While being entertained is no doubt pleasurable for most, allowing an easy escape from the world and all its problems, the fetishisation of entertainment in the Modern World - e.g. in the video games industry - can prevent people from discovering their creative sides as well as their true positioning in terms of the world they live in. 

Mainstream TV programmes as well as many video games have the effect to program people to think a certain way, usually along conformist and satanic lines of 'being the best', not being 'the weakest link', being 'popular', 'lying and cheating for success and money' (as in the reality show Survivor), embracing elite memes and never once encouraging creativity or the raising of one's consciousness. 

TV is largely sewage that can be pleasant in moderation but not as a way of life and certainly not as a source of truth and wisdom. 

There is also unwholesome contradiction within mainstream outlets, e.g. bemoaning the objectifying of women whilst having adverts with attractive, scantily dressed female models, bemoaning 'climate change' whilst selling the latest car model, keeping you up to date on cancerous foods whilst publicising processed food products on the next page and so on and so forth. 

This unclean schizophrenia in our civilisation which pretends to promote morality whilst in fact pushing satanic agendas is symptomatic of what Nietzsche called
"The confusion of the language of good and evil."

Role of Time in Dominion

Time is an essential spiritual currency for the task of finding oneself. If you feel you lack the time due to commitments and the obligations of, say, workaday living, you need to find the will-power in you to make the time for starting your ascent up the Mountain of Enlightenment. 

I know this is easy for me to preach who isn't (yet) tied to a job but the quest of knowing oneself and where one stands in the universe is certainly worth all the effort required involved in making time. 

Civilised culture allows for too little time in this regard in so far as school tends to lead to university for many - with the odd gap year in between where you are still meant to do stuff - and then to the workplace where you are generally under the thumb of your employers. 

Find the time to learn about yourself and the world you live in. The cost of not doing so is simply too high. 

Knowing Where You Stand

Generally speaking, if you know where you stand in the universe you will know where to look, i.e. find enlightened human beings either online or offline as well as creative works that do good for your soul. 

Saying No

The word 'no' has been said by researcher Mark Passio to be the single most powerful word in the English language. 

While many popular self-help philosophies preach positive thinking and affirmation, i.e. saying 'yes' to everything, Passio is of the opinion that life is in fact a lot more about negation than affirmation.

In other words it takes a big saying 'no' to all that is wrong, immoral, disturbing, satanic in culture in order first to find oneself and then, having found oneself, to say 'yes' to that which is of true value and of true benefit to the evolution of mankind as well as your personal self. 

It is also wrong-headed and dishonest to preach the view that by focusing on the negative you somehow give power to the negative. If you have a gas leak in your house you better know about it in order to do something about it rather than go up in flames when you next light a cigarette. 

In my experience, positive thinking in actual fact has the opposite effect to that which it claims it has, i.e. it can make people feel a lot worse and at odds with themselves if this positivity does not spring from a true inner source of self-belief and attunement with one's being as well as the Being of all beings. 

When the Dalai Lama recommends ignoring the pain and suffering in the world he is preaching what is in effect a nihilistic philosophy which fails to negate and therefore even begin to address that which is contrary to cosmic law. This philosophy can only result in partially minded humans, too cowardly to confront that which is in its entirety: truth. 

It is much rather by in-forming yourself as to what is dark in the world - as well as looking at what is not - that you will become well for then you will be able to embrace the entirety of existence in your mind - not just the bright side - with a clear sense of what is right and what is wrong, losing inner self-doubt as to why the world is such as it is and to what extent and in what way you are personally contributing to either its good or bad sides. 

Angle and Truth

I argued in my previous post Interpreting Information that some angles, i.e. sensibilities and perceptions, are closer to truth than others. 

How is this so?

People who know themselves well, who have immersed themselves in factual reality, who have critically evaluated the world they live in as well as their fellow humans are bound to attain insights that are more profound and accurate than perceptions that rely solely on what mainstream sources of information and common understanding tell them to think.
"Create your own reality or it will be created for you."
At bottom it is the extent to which one is in tune with Being that, in my opinion, determines the truth-level, i.e. truthfulness, of one's views, truth simply being that which is. And being in tune with Being means considering all that is awe-inspiring as well as terrifying about existence. 

Personal Presidents

My position on the latest US presidential election will come as no surprise to those who know me, either in real or in online life: we should all become our own personal presidents and elect no one to power. 

Philosopher Immanuel Kant theorised that in order to gage whether an action is moral or not, consider what would happen if everyone acted that way.

If no one voted like I do not vote, then the phoney system of 'democratic representation' would cave in and this in itself would send genuine (as opposed to alleged) ripples through the whole political and economic establishments, sending a clear message to the self-appointed and self-serving elite that the people no longer want to be controlled by masters and obey laws made by them.

Spiritual Wealth

While I have oft expressed the view on this web log that monetary wealth is fake wealth as opposed to goods and services, the latter nonetheless remain a form of material wealth.

More valuable than material wealth is perhaps spiritual wealth coming in the shape of ideas, artistic expressions, contact with friends and loved ones, general enlightenment and self-love. 

While materialism is in some sense spiritual, because material objects do affect and engage the spirit, spiritual wealth is arguably less bound to pragmatic things and allows for one's soul to float and appreciate our Creator-given existence in a more open-ended and liberating way. 

Musical Language

As an amateur musician, I am partial to the view sometimes expressed that music is a higher language than words. 

It is for this reason that one of my favourite forms of verbal expression is poetry as good poetry shines by its musicality.

Music is somewhat less divisive than linguistic expression, also less prone to being misread and rejected, but of course music is very varied and some forms of music do offend some ears, as modern chart music does mine. 

Good music allows for an open-endedness, a nuanced expression (as the case may be), an a-political gratitude towards life and the Creator that few other mediums can replicate so well, even though the visual arts are of course very capable in capturing these elements of raised consciousness as well. 

Rejecting Philosophy

Rejecting philosophy or thinking for its own sake deserves respect, as Heidegger once pointed out, in so far as such a decision contains more philosophy than it itself knows

In his opinion, it is the toying with philosophical concepts - as practiced by a majority of commentators - that is more deserving of contempt as it signals reluctance, for whatever reason, to actually engage in the labour and introspection involved in philosophical thinking while still making use of the ideas of others even if only to poo poo them. 

As I wrote below in Rarity of Philosophy, many are suspicious of generalisations, however true, and unfortunately this mere suspicion already counts as an argument against intellectual labour in such people's minds.
"You can't generalise"
is itself of course a generalisation and, in the same vein, Obi-Wan's statement to Anakin Skywalker in Revenge of the Sith according to which
"only siths reason in absolutes"
is for its part also an absolute, at least for those of us following at home. 

Sex and Nature's Agenda

Sex has designed us, at least those of us who happen to be heterosexual, to procreate by making the so-called physical act of love as well as the mere thought of it pleasurable, at least to a great many people.

With contraception, practiced for millennia in different ways, couples have tried to gain the pleasure of sexual intercourse without the attending possibility of pregnancy and the responsibilities and risks that follow from pregnancy and having a child. 

Yet contraception is not fail-safe, as I know two women who got pregnant despite being on the pill, condoms for their part can break or come loose as I myself have experienced and I also know a woman who got pregnant despite having an operation not to!

The surest way to avoid having children is of course to practice sexual abstinence but the power of Venus is such that even the most chaste man or woman may be tempted to give in to the temptation of sex if caught in the passionate heat of the moment. 

Thus it would seem that nature cares not for personal preference and ideal conditions for having a child, merely the fact that we do self-perpetuate as a species, at least for as long as sex is practised by heterosexual couples. 

Sex can be recreational, of that there is no doubt, but nature's agenda always lurks behind even the 'safest' sex that has ever been practiced.