Monday, 14 November 2016

Jobs & Careers

I hate jobs. 

Even the mere word 'job' makes me go all funny. 

As does the word 'career' for that matter.

Distraction as Too Much Effort

For the few and the rare who share my sensibility, they will understand me when I say that distraction, such as that provided by all the modern means of entertainment, is simply too much effort. 

I'd rather sit and do nothing and contemplate the contents of my own mind or perhaps engage in artistic activity, either as creator or receptor. But giving myself over to shows, films, video games that others have produced and are there, in many cases, purely to entertain - with the odd hidden message or lesson to be drawn - is simply too much work. 

In other words, I find distracting myself harder work than burying myself in my own reality. 

Cosmos as my God

I do not believe in a supernatural God nor do I subscribe to any organised religion but I do feel beholden to the cosmos and its laws, seeing it as conscious as I am and responsible, at root, for my coming to existence and all the happenings in my life. 

And as conscious beings, we essentially are embodied cosmos experiencing itself. 

Phoney Self-improvement

I owe this insight to a friend (Tom Bright whose portrait is in my art section): self-improvement culture and seeking constantly to self-improve is often reflective of a desire to prove things to yourself and others rather than of growing in selfhood, i.e. self-acceptance, for the sake of personal enlightenment. 


A genuine divide among people, as opposed to a divide and conquer divide, is whether they view silence as golden or deadly.

Of course it depends on context and it could be argued that everything under the sun is usually context sensitive.  

Culture of Fear in the Workplace

It is a sad sign of how intolerable mainstream reality is becoming when so many modern workplaces promote and engineer a culture of fear among their employees who are forced to compete with each other, put a permanent fake front on for the sake of phoney 'customer service', put up with bullying from managers, supervisors and customers without saying a word, made to feel constantly inadequate and not good enough and otherwise constantly judged and evaluated for their every action, such as occasionally losing their temper, no matter how human and natural

This is all on top of doing the actual work and often being paid a shit wage for the privilege. Workplace engineers seem to think that an atmosphere of fear and control - using the threat of redundancy or being sacked - is conducive to better output and profit, and it is likely that those who suffer when they're low in the hierarchy will eventually take delight in causing others to suffer when they finally reach a more senior position. This is not only immoral but psychologically twisted and sick. 

The mainstream workplace is for me the greatest sign of how dysfunctional our societies have become and in my opinion pinpoints all that is inhumane and evil in agendas of so-called 'human resource' management and corporate control which are all given to the satanic entity of monetary currency (see Money as Satan's Currency). 

My Favourite Pianist

Friedrich Gulda, not Glenn Gould, is my favourite pianist. His recording of The Well-Tempered Clavier is by far my favourite rendering of the Old Testament of classical piano and what I have gleaned of his Beethoven cycle is also darn fine and very quickly becoming my favourite interpretation of the New Testament of classical piano. 

I also like the fact that he composed, was a rebellious eccentric and was keen on jazz, which is one of my favourite musical genres. 

Friedrich Gulda, I salute your contribution to music.