Tuesday, 15 November 2016

How to Avoid Regret

In my opinion the best way to avoid regret is to be true to yourself.

Regret usually occurs when one didn't act in accordance with one's heart rather than the opposite and ignoring the heart's instinct led to bad things happening including that of self-division and inner duality. 

Of course listening to one's heart means opening it up and taking it seriously, even when this apparently flies in the face of conventional preference and so-called common sense. 

Negotiation in Relationships

Most if not all relationships require a certain amount of negotiation, whether verbally expressed or simply suggested by body language, hints, side comments etc. 

If negotiation becomes outright war on an all-too-consistent basis then perhaps it is best to disengage altogether. 

Meaning of Tough Love

With some people, however much you care for them and try to reach them, you can never win which is why I think that it is wise in such cases to leave them with the consequences of their own thoughts, emotions and actions. 

Maybe consequentialist laws will get through to them better than the best advice imaginable. This is what is really meant by the expression 'tough love'.

Saving the World - The Great Work

Independent researcher fallen-on-hard-times Jordan Maxwell expressed his opinion on a Mark Passio show that the world cannot be saved.

His argument was that those who knew and preached that the revolution had to come from within were largely unsuccessful in passing the message, partly because it was re-appropriated by evil sorcerers who twisted it and used it as a means for control and power - e.g. Jesus and the Church - and partly because each has to ascend his own Mountain of Enlightenment whether aware of this or not and as a messenger (an angel in the proper sense from the Greek ἄγγελος) you can only show people the way, not carry them all the way. 

Grassroots and community-based attempts to disengage from the control system will always be seen in a positive light by me but they too are vulnerable to suppression and governmental violence. In addition so few are enlightened as to what is actually going on in the world and to the fact that they are essentially prisoners and guards of their own self-made prisons, it could be argued that attempting to reach a critical mass is an almost hopeless task, at least in my personal locality. 

At the same time, however, cosmic law will respond and give voice to those who are unified in themselves and so it is never a waste of time in such cases to plant the seeds of truth and morality as part of what Mark Passio calls The Great Work. 

Trump and Clinton

Bit late now given the (s)election process is over but I'll break it to
  • democrats: Hillary Clinton never cared about you
  • republicans: Donald Trump doesn't give a flying fuck about you
All they want is your vote and your attention. 

The same applies to most if not all politicians. 

Making Others Happy

Someone on my twitter opined that "you can't make everyone happy and if you try, you'll become very unhappy."

I said I agreed with the first part of the sentence but not the second.

She asked me for my reasoning.

I gave an example saying I had this friend I cared deeply about and tried to make happy in my own way but this 'friend' made it clear to me in no uncertain terms that she hated me and that I was a bad person.

Yet I was not unhappy as a result of this simply because I remained and had remained true to myself and my instincts throughout my friendship with her and understood that she had a personal issue with me which left me unaffected, for the simple reason that I have no issues with myself. 

At least not now that I've grown up and fully accepted myself, both in my flaws and strengths.  

The Force

"May the force be with you."
May you be with the force, more like. 

Who are the "Pussies?"

Mainstream society tends to take and promote the view that sensitivity is a kind of weakness and that being kind-hearted and moral is often a sign of cowardice and self-righteousness (on the concept of 'pussy' - as well as 'dick' and 'arsehole' - see earlier post Team America: Dicks and Pussies).

I agree that sensitivity can lead to feeling touchy and emotionally vulnerable but I largely view sensitive people as stronger and more in touch with themselves than hard-nosed, emotionally constipated and repressed 'tough' men and women who often find themselves preaching and acting philosophies of hate and stigmatisation that are common currency in mainstream political discourse.

It's a well known truth that bullies often prey on sensitive people but bullies are themselves given to fear of both themselves and natural law and in their self-loathing want to cause others to suffer to make themselves feel less bad about themselves as they express their physical and animalistic superiority over others.

It takes courage to open up one's heart, to oneself and others, for there is always the attending risk of being hurt and exploited since that open-heartedness could possibly be interpreted as a sign of vulnerability and 'weakness' by predators.

Opening one's heart and standing for what you believe in also takes exceptional courage (coeur - rage, courage as anger of the heart, see post Courage) as it goes against the grain of psychopathic culture (which we largely live in) and it is far more cowardly and weak to act immorally and without care, since this is sadly the norm promoted by society, than it is to open oneself up to others and care for them within one's limits, especially when the mainstream media is programming us to hate rather than to love. 

So in this, like almost all other areas in my opinion, the mainstream view is a false view and sensitivity, if well managed and leading to being a better, more moral, person, should be celebrated as true strength of spirit since not given to the temptation of preying on others (non aggression principle) as well as encouraging one to speak and act against what is wrong under cosmic law (self-defence principle). 

All that being said I know for a fact that I would not do well in a physical confrontation, as I'm far from being a so-called 'hard' man and my instinct is to be 'a lover rather than a fighter' when it comes to such confrontations. I guess that is a weakness that I need to overcome.

To sum up I'd say that immorality stems from weakness rather than strength, contrary the message of many contemporary movies and shows, and the true pussies - if one wants to use that word in its negative connotations - are those who give in to fear-based consciousness with the result that they do harm to others.

Position on the Money Issue


Perhaps disagreement on the money issue, i.e. whether it be a force for good or for ill, stems from a difference in sensibilities, some viewing monetary currency as a liberating and energising entity despite the abuse and manipulation that goes on at the top (and the bottom) while others, like me, view it as an intrinsically enslaving and therefore immoral construct, binding people to live in contradiction with their true selves and their true instincts since forced to acquire it by whatever means, moral or immoral, possible in order to simply survive.

Of course I am aware of being a possible hypocrite concerning this debate since it is indeed money - as I receive it through social benefits - that enables me to write this blog and share my ideas, but that has as much to do with my living under monetary conditions as it does a possible bad faith and blind spot of mine as to the benefits of money, at least when you happen to have some. 

I have had a disagreement with another anarchist on the money issue, he seeing money as a force for positive outcomes, provided there is a free market in monetary currencies that are not skewed in favour of immoral centralised interests, and I instead seeing money as intrinsically problematic by nature as not being something that is required if all were self-responsible sovereigns, helping the community and receiving from the community in equal measure. 

In other words my position at the moment is that, in a truly moral and enlightened community, where all or at least the vast majority are their own masters in tune with Moral Law, there would be no need for the monetary entity to exist as these internal monarchs, so to speak, would see the intrinsic benefit in giving to the community in return for what they receive from it, understanding that 'he who feeds the hungry nourishes his own soul' and that 'as one suffers, all suffer'.

I cannot help but think that, the human condition being such as it is, there is too much room for abuse and manipulation if we allow a fictional entity determine the value of all things, artificial and natural, and how and in what way we should apply our Creator-given energy since manipulation and immorality, such as that stemming from psychopathic pieces of garbage, are part of the current condition of our species and these immoral people arguably thrive on conditions that are artificial rather than cosmically-ordained.

Addendum - It will be retorted that I do not give back to the community, at least in terms of money, what I receive through welfare benefits and I plead guilty to this charge (see Society as Shit Fest - My Anti-Conformity, Anti-Conformity as Hypocrisy?, The Dangerous Quest for Consistency, Coming Clean).

Good and Bad

Like everything under the sun, there is good philosophy and bad philosophy, like there are good and bad films, good and bad books, good and bad songs, good and bad people, good and bad advice. 

It's for you to decide whether something is good or bad according to whether it is helpful or unhelpful for you at a given time. 

The Desire for Power

This was an insight I gained in a moment of clarity years ago which quickly baffled me but I now regard as true: the desire for power over others is born out of a polarity of fear (not to say self-loathing following the cycle of I have suffered so I shall make others suffer). 

Even the most cunning controllers and manipulators of the entire planet are slaves to fear, as was indeed the evil Emperor in Star Wars who had no one to answer to except his own fear-based consciousness forcing him to seek control over the whole galaxy.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that they identify with the physical realm and therefore lack the comfort and soothing nature of the non-physical, invisible realm, i.e. the metaphysical one. 

The path of fear-based power, however, is ultimately and inevitably one that leads to self-destruction as Anakin Skywalker (who became Darth Vader) would testify. 

My Philosophy in a Nutshell

Always choose love over fear.