Wednesday, 16 November 2016

What is Essential?

Heidegger was aware of the fact that seizing what is essential is a minority rather than a common ability. For, he asserted, it is clear today that the more people talk and write the less they have something essential to say.

Which begs the question of what we mean by 'essential' and what it means to be talking about 'essential' things. 

The word essential comes from the Latin verb esse, to be, and to say something essential is to describe a characteristic of Being, i.e. being able to seize the being of a thing in its relationship to Being. 

In other words when you ask questions such as 'what is mathematics', 'what is truth', 'what is overthinking?' you are laying the brick work for an answer which will consider what something is in its relationship to Being, that which is. 

And that which is is truth.  

And, of course, by asking what is essential I was seeking to give the essence, i.e. meaning, of the word 'essential'. 

By virtue of saying what something is or saying something that belongs to that which is you are saying something essential. 

Freedom as Threatening

Fear of chaos translates in fear of freedom. 

People who are obviously free and have achieved self-dominion can be threatening to others - especially if these former are intellectually or creatively gifted. These threatened people who have unresolved issues with themselves and are basically still unfree inside will be made uncomfortable and sometimes attack those strong enough to exude the qualities of free will and happiness. 

Great, even rude, (mental) health in someone is of course threatening to some others who remain in a mentally fragile disposition, all the more so if the rudely healthy person has genuine insight into the world and themselves, with the result that these last will interpret the rude health of the former as itself being a sign of mental illness or, at best, delusion translating in what they perceive to be a false air of superiority which will eventually make these botched individuals lash out.

In other words individuals who are at odds with themselves will react in hostile ways to those they perceive as a threat to their person and worldview, and society being largely unfree and lost in bitter resentment, untruth and illusion, it is of course natural that those who, through hard self-labour, have achieved a degree of dominion will be attacked by the many broken souls that our largely satanic society has left in its wake. 

My Side as Anti-Side

Many if not most people have a side and so do I, even though my side is generally to be anti-side. 

What is a Gentleman?

Although the word 'gentleman' in English often has classist connotations, the true meaning of the word is suggested by its very form: a gentleman is man who is gentle. As Mr Banks from Mary Poppins would say
"Gentle but firm, noblesse oblige."
A gentleman treats others, including women and children, with gentle care and will never engage in abusive behaviour, i.e. prey on those who are vulnerable or who are under him in the proverbial social ladder. 

Many young women seem drawn to men who are not gentle and indeed many young men seem drawn to women who are not caring but this is perhaps for the best in so far as both sexes will eventually come to appreciate gentle, caring partners in the long run after having learnt from the mistakes of their youth. 

You Are Entitled to Hate Me

This just to say that although I have been sharing a lot of thoughts and ideas lately in an often outspoken way, everyone has the right to disagree with and have hostilities towards me because I know for a fact that I'm very far from perfect and that a lot of what I write is possibly rubbish. 

I will eventually go back to drawing and piano when in the right frame of mind, but only after having written all that I feel I need to write.