Monday, 13 March 2017

Adolescent Nietzscheans

Satanists, ego-driven power seekers and social darwinists as adolescent Nietzscheans. 

Only Looking on the Bright Side

Only looking at the bright side of life, i.e. ignoring the negative, will prevent the learning of important moral and philosophical lessons, which may well cause more darkness and 'negative' to enter your life. 

Your Contribution

Ultimately, however much you bring forth into the world, it will generally amount to very little on a macro-scale and in fact, life constantly changing and overcoming itself, may well amount to nothing in the long run. 

I take comfort in and learn humility from this insight, whether true or false. 


I love the word dingbat. It's eloquent yet less offensive than ableist works such as dumb, moron and idiot. 

Right to Ignorance

I differ from others in thinking that people are entitled to be ignorant and reap the consequences of that ignorance for themselves and others. He or she who harms others, whether through ignorance or not, will cause ugliness and pollution to enter his or her soul. 

Whether or not this bothers the person is inconsequential. They will be accountable for their actions in the eyes of the cosmos and the Creator not to say other human beings. In other words, I do not see acquiring knowledge as a moral duty, just a way to bring harmony into one's life and perhaps the lives of others. 

Intelligence v Spirit

Perhaps intelligence is an overrated concept. It could be argued that spirit is what counts, i.e. the life force that animates us and other beings.

Resentment and Politics (Short Version)

The media stir resentment.
Politicians manipulate and manage the resentment for their own ends. 

Limitation of Free Speech

The limitation of free speech is of course when speech promotes and abets harm to others and the violation of their natural law rights.