Sunday, 16 April 2017

February Cold | original piano composition

My 24th piano composition. Written on a cold February day, this is reflected I hope in the cold feel of the piece. I hope some of you will enjoy its icy atmosphere.

Sheets here:

Audio here:

Ayn Rand's Philosophical Narcissism

It's bad enough someone openly embraces psychopathic values of selfishness and greed in the written word but the fact others gobble their words up and acclaim them takes the biscuit. 

Nietzsche and Heidegger are nothing but girl scouts in terms of moral/philosophical toxicity compared to full-blown narcissists like Ayn Rand. 

Her influence on the world has been dire, not least because her ideas are the ones that are in power

What she called philosophical objectivism is really, at bottom, philosophical narcissism, seeking to impose ideals she happened to identify with on others that are both callous and a violation of basic human decency not to say acceptable human interaction.

As someone said, sin thrills then it kills. It fascinates, then it assassinates.

I see Ayn Rand as my complete philosophical antagonist, particularly in her endorsement of shallow left brain rationalism devoid of the holistic and empathetic mediation of right-brain intuition.