Tuesday, 18 April 2017

All My Piano Compositions in Writing Order

All my original piano compositions, in the order that they were written

  1. Rapid Fire
  2. Melancholy Melody
  3. Upward & Forwards
  4. Walk in the Park
  5. Joyful Melody
  6. Bondesque Mania
  7. Staccato Hypnosis
  8. Afternoon Variation
  9. Spring Fix
  10. Craving
  11. Evening Variation
  12. 2 in 1
  13. Wednesday Hope
  14. Rising
  15. Underworld
  16. Up the Ladder
  17. Sunday Blues
  18. Musing
  19. Odyssey
  20. Ode to Horace
  21. Prelude Mania
  22. Idle Etude
  23. Idle Etude 2
  24. February Cold
  25. Solitude
  26. Splendour
  27. Uninspired
  28. Riverflow
  29. Wishful
  30. Bobbing
  31. Poppy
  32. Pioneer

All My Piano Compositions in Recording Order Part 1

All my original piano compositions, in the order they were recorded.

  1. Odyssey
  2. Walk in the Park
  3. Sunday Blues
  4. Musing
  5. Splendour
  6. Melancholy Melody
  7. Bondesque Mania
  8. Afternoon Variation
  9. 2 in 1
  10. Underworld
  11. Evening Variation
  12. Rapid Fire
  13. Rising
  14. Craving
  15. February Cold
  16. Spring Fix
  17. Prelude Mania
  18. Ode to Horace
  19. Solitude
  20. Idle Etude
  21. Uninspired
  22. Wednesday Hope
  23. Staccato Hypnosis
  24. Idle Etude 2
  25. Upwards & Forwards
  26. Up the Ladder
  27. Joyful Melody

Joyful Melody | original piano composition

My 5th piano composition, and a very short one. The other side of Melancholy Melody if you will, which like its brother has no melody! Can be used as a closer or an interlude for my original piano work. Hope some of you like its uncomplicated charm.

Sheets here: http://www.scoreexchange.com/scores/183563.html

Audio here: https://soundcloud.com/scruffyowlet/joyful-melody-original-piano-composition

Up The Ladder | original piano composition

My 16th piano composition. Our word scale comes from the Greek for ladder and indeed this piece is nothing put a chord progression up the scale starting from g major.

Sheets here: http://www.scoreexchange.com/scores/186933.html

Audio here: https://soundcloud.com/scruffyowlet/up-the-ladder-original-piano-composition

Upwards & Forwards | original piano composition

My 3rd piano composition, written in my late teens. Years later I added a melody line complete with lyrics but this is the piano solo version only. I hope some of you enjoy it!

Sheets here: http://www.scoreexchange.com/scores/182144.html

Audio here: https://soundcloud.com/scruffyowlet/upwards-forwards-original-piano-composition-1

Idle Etude 2 | original piano composition

My 23rd piano composition and my second 'Idle Etude'. Jumpy and cheerful, just uncomplicated fun on the piano.

Sheets here: http://www.scoreexchange.com/scores/187442.html

Audio here: https://soundcloud.com/scruffyowlet/idle-etude-2-original-piano-composition

Staccato Hypnosis | original piano composition

My 7th piano composition. This started out as an improvisation inspired by controversial German philosopher Martin Heidegger whose magnetic, structured writing style is well reflected in the piece. Not very popular among those I know, I rather like the composition's un-melodic progressions.

Sheets here: http://www.scoreexchange.com/scores/184659.html

Audio here: https://soundcloud.com/scruffyowlet/staccato-hypnosis-original-piano-composition

Wednesday Hope | original piano composition

My 13th piano composition, written on a Wednesday, appropriately enough. This one has garnered  a measure of popularity in the past. I hope some of you will like it.

Sheets here: http://www.scoreexchange.com/scores/186394.html

Audio here: https://soundcloud.com/scruffyowlet/wednesday-hope-original-piano-composition

Uninspired | original piano composition

My 27th piano composition. It's called 'Uninspired' because I felt no 'ahah' moment when writing it and found myself repeating old compositional ideas. Despite that the piece grew into one of my favourite of mine.

Sheets here: http://www.scoreexchange.com/scores/189365.html

Audio here: https://soundcloud.com/scruffyowlet/uninspired-original-piano-composition

Idle Etude | original piano composition

My 22nd piano composition. This is an experimental piece. I hated it to start with but it slowly grew on me with time.

Sheets here: http://www.scoreexchange.com/scores/187413.html

Audio here: https://soundcloud.com/scruffyowlet/idle-etude-original-piano-composition

Solitude | original piano composition

My 25th piano composition. An ode to solitude if you will. Notice the furry creature behind me in the video.

Sheets here: http://www.scoreexchange.com/scores/187454.html

Audio here: https://soundcloud.com/scruffyowlet/solitude-original-piano-composition