Sunday, 23 April 2017

Why I Will Never Be A Parent

Why I will never be a parent: I cannot bring myself to bring an unwitting human being into this world of ours which, let's face it, is largely tortured and unpleasant, without them being even able to consent to it in the first place.

Why would I want to impose such god-awful things as school, jobs, money worries and the bullshit of life including bullying, mental health problems, romantic and other forms of trauma, having to sell one's labour to earn a living on someone who didn't ask for any of it?

I can sort of understand having children if it's by accident but voluntarily imposing life on someone, bringing them up as you see fit and of necessity involving them in the cruel nastiness of modern civilisation baffles me in its selfish myopia. 

I do concede, however, the irony that it takes being alive to realise one was better off not being born. 

The Beatles: Penny Lane | piano & voice cover

Piano and voice cover of Penny Lane by The Beatles. There are two of me singing against the piano backing to create a choral effect but they are separate vocal performances synced together, despite looking almost the same. Hope some of you enjoy this cover!