Sunday, 7 May 2017

Emotional Discomfort & Truth

Those who consume conspiratorial discourses are usually aware of the fact that just because a piece of information causes emotional discomfort does it mean it is misinformation.

However, the converse also holds. Just because a piece of information causes you discomfort does not mean it is true, i.e. accords with factual reality. 

While I have been partial to conspiratorial and alternative media discourses for a number of years now, I am beginning to feel weary of them.

In fact, not only weary, but wary. Particularly of 'truth' discourses in the field of politics that do nothing but cause fear, resentment, bigotry and are otherwise often designed to push dark agendas of a political and geopolitical nature: witness the latest Cambridge Analytica revelations. 

As I said in my post Worldview Poisonings, all media, whether 'mainstream', 'social' or 'alternative' can be toxic and lead to psychological fight or flight responses (Consequences of Worldview).

I'm starting to appreciate what Nietzsche surmised over a century ago as to the dangers for mankind to over-preoccupy itself with 'truth', seeing as he did that this could spell great danger in terms of spiritual exhaustion and even human growth. 

In other words 
"You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, the only way, it does not exist."
[Consider also Hölderlin's epigram The Root of All Evil
"Being at one is godlike and good, but human, too human, the mania Which insists there is only the One, one country, one truth and one way."] 
Perhaps redefining truth away from that which is, which in practice requires aligning our perception with phenomena and events, towards that which makes meaning possible at all - a decision reached in my very first blog post - was reflective of a desire on my part to appreciate cosmic intelligence and respond to its energy as opposed to an always conflict-ridden, often illusory and ultimately elusive accuracy of perception - however convinced everyone is of being accurate in their views - which at any rate is often coloured by opinion and à priori sensibility.

Philosophy and the Occult

Studying philosophy is for boys.

Studying the occult is for men. 

But all men are boys at heart so it is advisable to study both in conjunction.

Addendum - Of course the occult lends itself to very immature and wrong-headed readings. It strikes me, however, that many of the established philosophers of the tradition were not explicitly in touch with the symbolic wealth of the Mystery Traditions and failed to grasp the occult and therefore the ancient origins of Metaphysics which have a logic based in natural law principles that take into account the finitude and limitations of human reason as compared to the All. 

It seems to me that the likes of Kant, Nietzsche and Heidegger attacked a straw-man version of metaphysics, ignorant of its roots in deep philosophical understanding as well as humility. Plato himself has been claimed to be, at least by Manly P. Hall in Secret Teachings of All Ages, an initiate of Egyptian and Greek Mysteries and was apparently accused of revealing too much in his work to the profane. 

An understanding of occult symbols, meanings and principles can only serve the cause of better philosophising and a practiced ability at philosophising can only increase the quality of one's occult and esoteric readings/interpretations. For occult symbols are rich in philosophical meaning and therefore in truth, if one should define truth, as I once did, as that which makes meaning possible (Lathoron, A Philosophical Dialogue).

Put differently, many of the big names of philosophy seemed to be unaware of the occult origins of their own metaphysical understanding not to mention the tradition of philosophy itself which is why reading the books of occult researchers such as Manly P. Hall and others is a corrective and useful complement to the reading up on the Spinozas and Hegels of this world. 

God as Leviathan - The State as False God

A conception of God popped into my head recently, according to which I understood humanity as a fragmentation in terms of thoughts, emotions and conducts of the divine whole, so that if you were to add up all the variation and diversity in sensibility and existence of present mankind, i.e. add up all the fragments, you would amount to a closer approximation to the prima causa (God) which encompasses all that is possible in Creation. 

Pictured above, however, is a dark twisting of this metaphysical insight which was used as the cover of Thomas Hobbes' justification for the modern political State, the so-called Leviathan, more commonly referred to today as Big Brother, courtesy of George Orwell. 

That the State in its essence purports to be the almighty ruler and supreme Being was of course an insight indicated by Zarathustra in his sermon on 'The New Idol' (Thus Spoke Zarathustra). 

In other words the whole population within a national territory amounts to the God of the State and, supposing there is indeed a conspiracy to form a Global Super-State (New World Order), the whole population of the world will be trapped into this materialistic, policing, thieving, enslaving and coercive False God.

The internet, particularly in terms of its being completely surveilled by the False God as revealed a few years ago now, can be seen as a cynical attempt to capture the whole of human thought, emotion and action (expressed thoughts and emotions often leading to corresponding actions and worldly actions themselves leading to expressed thoughts and emotions) so that the Leviathan-esque State will indeed be in possession and have a sense of the relative wholeness of information provided by, at the least, all of us who use the world wide web (the word 'web', interestingly enough, has connotations of 'trap' in our language as does the word 'net').

The movie Captain America: Winter Soldier highlights a conspiracy by the powers of the world - which have been usurped and co-opted by a dark, secret, Nazi society named Hydra - to use artificial intelligence and highly complex algorithms to predict future human conduct based on past activity as garnered from the internet so that all potential enemies of the coming New World Order may be exterminated en masse in advance of the full implementation of this New Order of Slavery.

For all its apparent worldly power and means of coercive control, however, the State remains a false God, an illegitimate form of authority given to all that is evil in the world, constituting in its very foundations the most egregious violation of Natural Law there has ever been as well as of the true principles of authentic cosmogony as beautifully summarised and communicated in the book Lectures on Ancient Philosophy by the foremost 20th century student of the occult: Manly Palmer Hall.